This is a list of many of my philosophies, opinions, and policy positions, and I will add to this over the course of this campaign. I'm not hiding anything. Under every position you'll see a button that says "Expand On This" which, if you click on it, will take you to a thorough (i.e. sometimes pretty lengthy) explanation of my position, written by me (not some surrogate), including linked sources for every piece of data that I cite. You may not agree with me on everything, but you might be surprised how much we do agree on. I just hope you'll see that I'm honest, and that I've thought long and hard about what needs to change in our country, and in our district. In order for a representative democracy like ours to work, our representatives have to be honest. And if there's one thing I am, it's honest. I encourage you to read as much of it as you have the time and patience for, and if you disagree, write me a note, or come see me when I'm out campaigning and tell me why.

I'm not running for congress to be your boss. I'm running for you to be mine.


Congress Should Live Like Us

I will introduce legislation to base congressional pay on the median wage in the district they represent. This way, they won't get a pay raise until we do. And I'm not a hypocrite, so I’ll start by cutting my own pay.


Veterans Have Paid Enough

Not only should war veterans get the care and support they need, when they need it, but their income taxes should be considered “paid in full” forever.


Education Is Key

The more well-educated people we have in our society, the better it is for everybody.


Morals Should Guide Policy

Our government is rife with corruption, greed, dishonesty, and violence, which sets the wrong tone for our nation, and the world.


Raise Taxes At The Top

We need to reverse the wealth redistribution that, for decades, has made life increasingly harder for the many in order to maintain the privilege of a few.


Raise The Minimum Wage

The minimum wage should be enough for a single person, working full-time, to live without government assistance.


Fix Legal Immigration

We cannot rightfully claim to be “the land of the free, and the home of the brave” if we lock up our borders for fear of immigrants and refugees.


What Is (And Isn't) Patriotism?

Patriotism isn’t about what you wear, or what you say, it’s about loving your country enough to never allow it to fall short of its potential.


Return To Paper Ballots

Voting machines are easy to hack and make election fraud way too easy to execute, and way too hard to spot. To protect our democracy, we need paper ballots. Everywhere.


Get Money Out Of Politics

With all the lobbyist money rolling in to our “representatives,” it’s no wonder why they represent their donors over their constituents.



Captive markets within our economy not only harm us, but they harm our economy as a whole.


What Did The Founders Think?

The Founders were far from perfect, but they understood many of today’s problems even back then. Because today’s problems are the same as theirs were. History repeats.

Cut Government Waste

There is massive wasteful spending in government at all levels. We may not be able to eliminate it, but we do have the power to minimize it. We just need the will to do so.


Increase VA Accountability

The people of this country need a government that works for them, so accountability is key in every position in government, from the local level to the feds. That definitely includes anyone working at the Department of Veterans' Affairs.


Our Country Is Like A Bicycle

When it leans too far to the right, you have to lean left to keep moving forward. When it leans to far to the left, you have to lean right.


End The Oligarchy

The only minority that’s hurting our nation’s economy is the oligarchy, comprised of the billionaire class. They must be brought to heel.


Make Corporations Pay Us Back

In 2016, WalMart profited over $14 billion, but taxpayers paid $6.2 billion in welfare to the company’s workers. Companies like this should have to pay us back.


End The War On Drugs

Cannabis should be legalized, and all other illicit drugs need to be decriminalized. Addicts need help, not prison, and our prisons are bankrupting us anyway.


That Which Can Be Destroyed By The Truth Should Be

This is a motto that I live by, and I believe applying this principle to government is the surest way to fix it.


What Is (And Isn't) Freedom?

The only time freedom actually matters is when someone is saying or doing something that’s unpopular. Popular opinions are are never threatened, so they don't need protection.


Publicly Fund Elections

The surest way to make sure the best ideas win is to end corporate political donations and fund races using public money.


Government Is Science

We have the answers to how to run a government. These things are not a mystery. They’re sciences. Economics, Sociology, Criminology, Psychology, etc.


Business vs. Theft

In a free market, transactions are voluntary. When transactions cease to be voluntary, that’s robbery.


Healthcare Is A Human Right

Nobody should ever lose their house because they get cancer, or be forced to choose between paying for their kids’ college or living long enough to see them graduate.


Department Of Defense

Our military should only be used in true defense of the United States.


Parties Are The Problem

Parties bring us polarizing politics and a team mentality while causing us to brush our ideals aside just to be on the “winning team.” In the end, they both win, and we lose.


Cut Taxes On The Poor & Middle Class

Federal income taxes should not be collected at all on incomes below the poverty line, and the middle class needs relief as well.


“The Bottom” Shouldn’t Be Poverty

I don’t care how much profit a company makes as long as all of their full-time employees are making enough to live near where they work.


End The War On Terror

Our wars in the middle east are making the region more chaotic, and our killing of non-terrorists creates new terrorists. We need to get out of their countries, and stay out. Bring our sons and daughters home.


Who Works For Whom?

Our government works for us, not the other way around. DC has had this backward for decades. This attitude needs to be reversed.


What Is (And Isn't) Supporting The Troops?

The best way to support our troops is to make sure war is always a last resort. And once they’re back home after deployment, any delays or gaps in their care are unacceptable.


Overturn Citizens United

It will likely take a constitutional amendment, but we need to overturn the disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision.


It’s Not The Guns, It’s Our Society

Gun crime, like any crime, is rooted in socioeconomics. Promoting gun-control legislation, in a country with 350-650 million guns, is a red herring. Please read this to understand why.


Laws vs. Rights

The more laws you have, the less rights you can have. The more rights you have, the less laws you can have.


We Must End Adversarial Policing

Law Enforcement must be done in partnership with our communities, not in opposition to them.