The "Money-Power Equivalence."


All the books I read are non-fiction. It’s mostly history, but I read quite a bit of science, too; mostly biology and physics. One of the basic premises in modern physics is the idea of “mass-energy equivalence.” Albert Einstein discovered the concept over 100 years ago as part of his special theory of relativity. (You know, that whole E=MC2 thing...)

The basic concept is that you can never destroy mass or energy; all you can do is turn one into the other. If you imagine burning a log in a fireplace, you start with a heavy object (mass), and then as you burn it, it loses mass, but that mass is turned into light and heat (energy).

You’re probably sitting there reading this thinking, “So, what in the hell does this have to do with money in politics?!”

Well, money and power are similar to mass and energy. Call it the “money-power equivalence” if you want. You can’t destroy them, but you can turn one into the other, or transfer them from person to person.


This is why poor people don’t have political power even though there are so many more of them. Democracies, or Constitutional Republics, like ours, can provide political power to the poor in theory, but it hasn’t really worked out that well for them in practice in recent years, has it? Because of the money (power) behind the Washington Elite, they have been able to do their masters’ bidding almost entirely unimpeded throughout my lifetime. I believe the first step to fixing this problem is to use our power at the ballot to kick these people the hell out of office. We need to replace them with people of principle, and then those people will be able to do what’s necessary to get money out of politics for good.

If you look at history, there’s one thing for sure: The elite never give up any of their money or power voluntarily. They’re going to put up a fight.