Corruption Is Universal, Healthcare Isn't

Democrats and Republicans are both bought and paid for by the healthcare industry. This is not a one-sided problem. The healthcare industry owns our political parties. (Maybe it's more accurate to say "co-owns" along with Big Oil, the Defense Industry, and many, many more...) Sticking with healthcare, though, there was a bill in the California State Assembly just this year to make single-payer healthcare a reality in California. (This is much less beneficial to do at the state level than it is at the federal level, for a variety of reasons, but it still would've brought down costs in the state by a significant sum, and everyone would've been covered.) What happened to that?

California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (Democrat) killed the bill. Why? He said it was because it wasn't properly funded, but there are a couple problems with that, chief among them being that he is a legislator, and as such could have/should have reworked the bill to fix the funding issues if in fact they were genuine.

But that's not the real reason he shelved the bill. This is, and it’s a must-read:


In fact, if you look at the website (which I highly recommend) and look up the insurance company Blue Cross, here's what you get under "top recipients" (right).

At the top, you'll find both the 2016 Republican Convention (Cleveland) and 2016 Democratic Convention (Philadelphia). Notice they gave more to the Democrats. And then on down the list we go, and as you can see, the healthcare industry does not play favorites. Lobbyists will pay whoever they believe will help them continue to service their shareholders. Period.

It's time for change. It's time to end the two-party duopoly.

Steve Cox